Want to change your life? Give it away and watch what happens!

Volunteer in Nepal and help repair a community from the fallout caused by poverty and abuse

Nepal Volunteers

If you want to see the impact of your work right before your eyes, travel the world, enter a new culture, and do something amazing with your life, then volunteer in Nepal and come live in Hetauda for an extended time period.

There is always plenty to do in the Hetauda community and WPC Nepal safe home. You get to fight human trafficking where it happens, and strengthen and encourage the women and kids you’ve already helped rescue because of your past support.

Getting all the way to Hetauda and staying here for a while is a lot of work. But the value of our volunteer program is extremely high. It’s an experience hard to find anywhere else, because our program and our influence in the community is so unique.

Our main hope is that you will create strong relational connections with our staff and the kids in the safe home, and that your visit will strengthen them as well as the local community. We want you to have the best experience you can possibly have.

Want to learn more about volunteering in Nepal? Click here.

U.S. Volunteers

There are all sorts of ways you can use your gifts, talents, and compassion to make a huge impact on kids and women who depend on the Women’s Protection Center in Nepal.

You can help with fundraising, organizing, coordinating people, creating art, acquiring gifts and donated items, speaking, advocating, and activating your network. There is something for everyone.

  1. Office help – interns and more

    Our office always has more to do than we have time for. If you’ve got a talent for anything in the office, we want to meet you!

    Internships also available – we frequently work with college interns and you will get terrific experience while making a huge difference in the world.

  1. Annual Gala Volunteers

    We run an annual event called Hope for Freedom. It’s our busiest time of year (usually in September), and it takes at least 50 people to make it a success.

    We need committed helpers in the months and weeks leading up to the big day, and many more on the day itself. Short and long term opportunities abound!

  1. Grant writer
    Do you have a talent for writing grants? It’s a special skillset. But if that’s you, we want to talk.
  1. One-time and short-term volunteers

    In addition to the Gala, we do other community outreach and fun events now and then. The best way to hear about these is to subscribe to our newsletter. When you hear about something cool coming up like a movie premier, a Paint-n-Pint, or a holiday event, you can be on our list of people to call.

  1. Fundraise for us – Become a Friends of WPC Ambassador

    If you’ve got a passion for fighting human trafficking, empowering women, and helping kids escape poverty and abuse, don’t settle for just doing something for a day and moving on. Let Nepal’s kids and women into your heart, and start advocating for them.

    Being an Ambassador means you will do things like:

  • Help us fundraise by tapping into your own networks
  • Hold a small fundraising event
  • Run a limited time Facebook or other online campaign
  • Do presentations about human trafficking and poverty in places where you have influence
  • Raise awareness in other ways

    If you want to become an Ambassador, please contact Nicole Williams at nicole@friendsofwpcnepal.org

  1. Something else?

    Have a gift or talent not mentioned above, but still want to help. We’d love to have you and hear from you. Send us an email and let us know how you want to help.


Want to learn more about volunteering? Email us at admin@friendsofwpcnepal.org