Walk For Freedom 2017

Nepal is one of the most beautiful places in the world to visit. Travel with us to raise funds and awareness for the safe home in Nepal.

We promise you a life-changing experience as bring hope,  inspiration, and empowerment to the survivors of human trafficking in our safe home.

Join the “Walk For Freedom 2017” in Nepal.
The Adventure begins on March 3rd and goes for two weeks until the 17th.

A Two-Week Trip that Will Change Your Life Forever (Only 12 Spots Left!)

You’ll experience the culture and sights of Nepal and visit different cities and organizations. You’ll take part in the local social activities. If you’ve ever seen Anthony Bourdain on CNN — you can be him for two weeks in Nepal.

You will learn firsthand about the oppression of Nepali women and children, and will see the amazing work being done to overcome it.

You’ll walk for a day with your Nepali friends and partner organizations in the Walk for Freedom that goes through the Hetauda area. We will raise local awareness about human trafficking. By doing this, we will cut it off at the source.

What You’ll Accomplish in Just Two Weeks

  • Walk for freedom and raise awareness about human trafficking
  • Enrich your experience of Nepali culture — visit historic places and temples to see the beauty of Nepali art works
  • Get an on-the-ground update on human trafficking and domestic violence in Nepal
  • Increase your understanding of the root causes of oppression for Nepali women and children
  • Gain knowledge about how war, gender, economics and environmental issues cause injustices toward women and children in Nepal
  • Raise a partnership and a network with local grassroots organizations
  • Create internship and volunteer opportunities in Nepal for students/others beyond the two week period

Total: $2,500 – Airfare not included

What is covered with the money I pay?

  1. Sightseeing in Kathmandu, transportation
  2. Volunteer time in safe home and costs for living with a host family for one week
  3. Phokhara hiking trek for one week
  4. Transportation up to back to Kathmandu
  5. Narayan Ghat wildlife experience (could be included at an additional cost)
  6. All basic sightseeing entrance fees
  7. Costs for the Freedom Walk
  8. Airport pick up
  9. Funding to the WPC Safe Home that you’ll see in person

Here’s How to Sign Up

To sign up, email the Friends of WPC Nepal office at admin@friendsofwpcnepal.org.

You will receive an application that will get you processed and ready for international travel. It has health history questions and things like that to make sure your trip is the best it can be.

Once you’re approved, send your $1,250 deposit (50%), and you’re in!

If you have questions, you can email the office with those first, or contact us in these other ways.

To recap, here’s the process:

  1. Email us to get an application.
  2. Fill the application out and send it back.
  3. Deadline: December 30th 2016– 50% of payment due
  4. January 15th 2017–100% of payment due