Who-We-Are-MainFriends of WPC Nepal throughout the years has grown because of the dedication of our supporters who make this possible. We are working hard to continue to grow that and every donation makes this possible. Our staff work are dedicated to our non-profit mission, the transparency behind what we do and ensuring that every donation is used efficiently and ethically.

Development Director
Nicole Strachan, Seattle, WA

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Josolynn Jones, Olympia, WA

Ambassador Coordinator, Josolynn Jones

Since 2012, Josolynn Jones has been working with Friends of WPC Nepal. She started as an ambassador, transitioned to our board as our Ambassador Coordinator in the Fall 2014 and in the Fall of 2016 she transitioned to part-time administrative position. She still volunteers to maintain the Ambassador Coordinator position. She has volunteered at the WPC safe home in Nepal for 9 months from 2012-2013 and was part of the earthquake relief efforts in May-June 2015. She has chaperoned 2 of TSOTA service trips and brings students to Nepal. Currently, she attends The Evergreen State College for Film and Education. Professionally she is the manager for NARI Alliance with Lila Ghising, is a freelance videographer, and works in various outreach positions. 

“Working with Friends of WPC Nepal has made a large impact on my life that I will never forget. I’ve learned what it truly means to “change lives, one woman, one child at a time” and with the simple act of reaching out your hand to help someone up can mean everything in the world to that person you’re helping up. It’s amazing to KNOW that you’ve had the ability to make a true DIFFERENCE. I was even lucky enough to help start up a jewelry making the project with survivors of human trafficking which is now sold through Nari Alliance and is a sustained project for employment for women. Something I looked at as a hobby turned into something so much more when giving the knowledge to someone who needs it. I couldn’t be more excited for this path I’ve begun that my travels to Nepal help me figure out. Here’s to the many more years of work with Friends of WPC Nepal and Nari Alliance! <3 Do what you love. <3 Love what you do. <3”