Send a Kid to School for the First Time

Education costs money in Nepal and children must have a uniform, books and school supplies to attend. Many of the local at risk children do not have enough money for school. Through WPC, children are able to get that necessity. With your support, YOU can bridge that gap. You can sponsor a child with an annual or monthly donation.

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We have many children waiting to be sponsored for school and for services from the Women’s Protection Center in Hetauda, Nepal so the help is always needed. With your support, we can broaden our programs and help even more women and children to move onto a better life.

Below is the actual monthly and annual cost for supporting a child or a survivor.  As a sponsor, you may build a personal relationship with the child, write letters, share videos and have the option to visit them in the WPC Safe Home.

Child Sponsorship in the WPC Safe Home:  Education, food, shelter, and clothing for a child/girl sponsored at the Center – $50 per month or $600 annually

Child Sponsorship in the Local Community:  Education, food, school fees, uniforms, school transportation – $36 per month or $432 annually

Provide Employable Job-Training Skills

Survivors and at risk women come to us for an opportunity to move onto a better life through our vocational training and income generating program.

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Vocational Training for a Survivor: Sewing, beading and knitting training – $100 per Survivor.

Medical/Emotional Sponsorship for a survivor or child:  General medical care and counseling expenses for a woman or a child – $250 annually

Should you have any questions or need more information, please contact us.