Sound of Freedom – New Child Trafficking Movie from Angel Studios

sound of freedom poster image with jim caviezelThe buzz is building for Sound of Freedom, an upcoming nationwide release from Angel Studios, the same company behind the hit streaming show The Chosen.

On July 4th, Sound of Freedom starring Jim Caviezel will be hitting about 3000 theaters around the country, including in the Seattle and King County area.

In addition to being a great movie, Sound of Freedom also raises awareness about the global scourge of child trafficking that continues to enslave millions of kids. By watching this movie, you will be helping keep attention on this global injustice so more kids like the ones in this true story can be set free.

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What Is Sound of Freedom About?

scene from human child trafficking movie sound of freedom with jim caviezelSound of Freedom tells the true story of Tim Ballard, played by Jim Caviezel, a US federal agent who rescues a young boy from child traffickers in Colombia. After recovering the boy, Ballard thought his job was done and that he’d be able to go back home.

But then, he learns the boy has a sister who is still being held captive by the same group of criminals looking to exploit her for profit and destroy her life.

Torn between his work and his conscience, Ballard decides to go to whatever lengths are necessary to save the boy’s sister. He ends up quitting his job and heading straight into the forbidding Colombian jungle, risking his life to liberate her.

It’s a suspenseful, riveting true story that places child trafficking at the center of the narrative.

How Does the Sound of Freedom Movie Relate to Child Trafficking?

Scene image of kidnapped girl from sound of freedom movieSound of Freedom explores the injustice of child trafficking through the eyes of Tim Ballard, the federal agent who risks everything to save a brother and sister who were kidnapped by Colombian child sex traffickers.

You’ll also see the siblings as they endure the fear and uncertainty of captivity and rescue.

Sound of Freedom is not exploitive or explicit. It is produced by Angel Studios, a production company that produces faith-based and faith-inspired films and streaming TV shows such as The Chosen.




What is the 2 Million for 2 Million Campaign?

Angel Studios is hoping for at least 2 million people to get tickets to watch Sound of Freedom the week of July 4th, to show their support and alliance with the 2 million kids suffering around the world.

Estimates are that about 2 million children are being abused through child trafficking around the world. The criminal organizations behind this injustice have continued to exploit kids for profit, but as more people have learned about child trafficking, more efforts to stop them have launched.

Friends of WPC Nepal works to fight human trafficking in Nepal. Other organizations and governments are combatting it elsewhere.

See how you can help to prevent child trafficking before it happens to women and kids at greatest risk – the best possible outcome.

And read the story of Nisha in ‘Just Get Married,’ a true short story about a young Nepali woman who overcomes the risks of trafficking to forge a life of freedom, provision, and security. Nisha’s story reveals the risks of human trafficking in Nepal, and how she refused to be held down by ‘the way things are.’

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Which Seattle-Area Theaters Are Showing Sound of Freedom?

To find out which theaters are showing Sound of Freedom, simply visit this Angel Studios page and type in your zip code.

You can buy advance tickets through their page, and you can also participate in their ‘pay it forward’ campaign and buy additional tickets that they will give away to people who otherwise couldn’t afford to attend the movie.

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Take the Next Step to Fight Child Trafficking

Joining our newsletter is a great way to start learning more about child trafficking and what you can do to stop it.

And YES – you really can stop this from happening.

Right now, we have dozens of kids and young adults living in our safe homes who were saved from the risks of child trafficking. They have been protected from trafficking. That means they never experienced it, because the Women’s Protection Center provided a place for them to go where they would receive provision, counseling, education, and for the adults, job skills training.

Your commitment will help more kids in Nepal to be saved from trafficking and instead given a path to a far better life.

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