Cover image for trafficking prevention ebook“Just Get Married” – A True Story About Breaking Free of Poverty, Limiting Expectations, and the Risks of Human Trafficking

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Nisha Tamang had heard the same things her whole life.

“Just get married.”

“Have a bunch of kids.”

“Take care of your in-laws.”

This is what so many girls in Nepal are told from an early age. And as early as age 12, they are expected to start living it.

But Nisha saw through it. She saw the hunger, the poverty, the childhood deaths, and the constant daily struggle to survive that everyone following this prescription experienced.

She longed for a better way.

The problem? Everything she tried was failing, and her options were dwindling. But then, one call from a long-lost sister changed everything.

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In “Just Get Married”, you’ll read the inspiring true story of a Nepali woman who worked tirelessly to gain job skills that would give her a better life and help her break free from the lures of human trafficking disguised as opportunity. In this short eBook, you’ll see:

  • What went wrong when Nisha tried to go to college
  • The fateful decision that could have trapped her in human trafficking
  • Photos of her childhood houses in Northern Nepal
  • Two women and a baby who changed the course of Nisha’s life forever
  • False beliefs undone about tailoring, expectations of women and girls, and being left-handed
  • The first time she wasn’t criticized for not being married at age 12, and what it meant to her

Today, Nisha is a business owner and certified trainer.

It’s a far cry from where she was after failing to complete college and nearly ending up working thousands of miles away from home in a situation at high risk for human trafficking.

If you want to see how to beat human trafficking and the poverty and limiting beliefs that help cause it, you want to read Nisha’s story!

You have never read a story like this one before.

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