Safety, Love, Education & Protection

That’s what kids find when you welcome them to the Women’s Protection Center safe home in Hetauda.

The WPC Nepal safe home is for kids (mostly girls) who have nowhere else to go in Hetauda and the surrounding regions. Two kinds of kids come to live here:

  • Kids who get rescued from human trafficking, whether that’s sexual slavery like brothels, or labor slavery like circuses in India and Nepal
  • Kids who are at risk of being trafficked due to poverty, neglect, or abandonment

Outside the WPC safe home, the children have known abuse (physical, sexual, neglectful), fear, extreme poverty, hunger, and caste discrimination. Some have been thrown out of their own homes. Some have been told all they’re good for is picking up garbage. Some have been told their caste is so low they can’t eat the same food as other kids.

It’s not called a “safe” home for nothing. In Nepal, the kids we rescue have no one else in their lives who can care for them. They have no other hope. If they do have relatives who can care for them, then we don’t take them. We only take kids who have nowhere else to go.

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