Your Donation Allows More Nepali Women to Attend Our 6-month Vocational Tailoring Program

donate to fight human trafficking in Nepal by helping women attend 6 month vocational tailoring program

Nisha went through the WPC tailoring program. Now, she teaches it, and runs her own business.

When you donate to Friends of WPC Nepal, you are giving women and their families who are at risk of human trafficking a better path forward.

You are freeing them from the desperation of poverty, broken families, abuse, discrimination against low castes, and other root causes of human trafficking in Nepal, which is a hotspot for labor and sex trafficking.

Those who get ensnared in trafficking lose everything.

Your gift to Friends of WPC Nepal empowers women through a 6-month vocational tailoring program so they can get good jobs or start their own businesses. Then, they can provide for themselves and their families, freed from the deceptive promises and horrors of human labor and sex trafficking.

Your gift also:

  • Gives at-risk and rescued kids a permanent safe place to live
  • Provides kids in the safe home with food, health care, security, loving supervision, a community of friends, and education, which is not free in Nepal
  • Funds community outreaches to educate families and kids about human trafficking, and to reduce the number of adults being labor trafficked overseas
  • Creates a safe home community where all are valued equally – regardless of caste

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