COVID-19 Lockdowns Have Left Families with No Income, Difficulty Getting Food and Basic Supplies. Help Raise $19,250 by July 3rd!

donate to help families in Nepal who have lost all their income due to COVID-19 lockdowns

Your donation provides food and basic needs for families in Hetauda, Nepal who have no income and no easy access to food.

To prevent the spread of the coronavirus, Nepal’s government has shut down almost every source of income in the country:

  • Flights and most travel
  • Imports – including food from other countries
  • Businesses and most commerce

Plus, Nepalis working in other countries have lost their jobs too. This means that the 30% of Nepal’s economy that depends on money sent from overseas workers has dried up.

This has left many families in a desperate situation. They have little or no income. Food is scarce (meat vanished from markets for nearly 3 weeks back in April) and more expensive.

Suicides are sadly on the rise. Fear is spreading faster than the virus.

Unlike in the US – there is no Nepali government stimulus package. There is no unemployment insurance.

There’s nothing – except you – standing between families, kids, and extreme hunger, starvation, and the diseases that come with those.

Donate Today and Help Families and Kids in Nepal

$28.50 feeds one family of 4 in Nepal for one week.

We have also received an $8000 matching grant for this campaign. The first $8000 given will be doubled!

You can give:

  • $28.50 to feed one family for a week (doubles to two families)
  • $57 to feed two families for a week (doubles to four families)
  • $114 to feed four families for a week (doubles to eight families)
  • Whatever other amount you feel led to give

The Women’s Protection Center in Hetauda, Nepal has asked for $19,250 to help provide relief for families in their community.

Let’s send that much and hopefully more by July 3rd – they can’t wait much longer!

Please click the button below and donate to help save families and kids in Nepal from hunger, disease, and death. Thank you!