Hetauda House Construction Photos — The New Human Trafficking Safe Home in Nepal

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The Hetauda House is being built right before your eyes!

hetauda trafficking safe home construction underway


construction equipment prepares trafficking safe home foundation


Workers survey and prepare the foundation for WPC human trafficking safe home

Construction for Change manager and workers supervise

What are these pictures showing?

This will be the new and permanent Women’s Protection Center in Hetauda, Nepal.

It will be home to more than 60 women and kids who have escaped, avoided, or survived human trafficking, forced labor, sexual abuse, and exploitation in Nepal and India. In this new home, they will:

  • Eat wholesome regular meals
  • Receive love and care from adults who are devoted to their well-being, security, and future
  • Get education from the best private school available in Hetauda
  • Make lifelong friends

This home represents a triumph on so many levels:

  • For the city of Hetauda
  • For the kids and women who are conquering what human trafficking has done to their lives
  • For you and everyone else who has supported and given to WPC or the Hetauda House campaign over the last few years.

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Nepal construction workers prepare the site


Worker does soil testing on new Hetauda construction site

Hetauda trafficking safe home site's foundation gets prepared

Gravel site in Hetauda to supply new foundation


In case you missed it: The reason we’re building this home:

Kids, women, staff who will live in new human trafficking safe home once it has been constructed


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