Build a Safe Home

…To Fill It With 60 Kids – More Than Twice the Current Number!

Friends of WPC is supporting the Women’s Protection Center’s plan to build a permanent safe home in Nepal. We are partnered with Hetauda House to campaign for this dream to become a reality.

The existing safe home has been the cornerstone of WPC’s program.  It provides a protected environment for survivors and children. It gives them the ability to manage their clients, to provide educational and vocational programs, and medical help for their clients which involve HIV victims.

We Have Turned Kids Away Because We’re Out of Room

At this time the WPC resides in a rented facility and they have outgrown it! They have land purchased and are currently fundraising to build a new safe house that will allow them to help more survivors and continue to expand their programs. The town of Hetauda where they have purchased their land at for the permanent safe home is one of the most affected areas in Nepal for human trafficking since it is a mere hour from the India border.

A Larger Impact

Long term, safe housing will help survivors and their children who desperately need a place where they can heal. The safe home is located in an area where they can closely monitor the at risk children in the community and provide a place where at risk girls can receive help.

Same WPC Program – Education, Counseling, Job Training

The WPC safe home is an environment women can heal and be empowered toward independence. At the safe house the survivors will be provided case management, life skills, job training, and job opportunities. The safe house enables them to bring under one roof, not only women and children but also space for education, vocational training, counseling, and an administrative office. The safe house will accommodate recently rescued survivors from the Women’s Protection Center’s transit office in Butwal and from New Delhi. This safe house will create a very healthy and welcoming community.

What the New House Will Do

  • Provide a safe home like environment for women and children who are survivors of human trafficking or at risk of trafficking.
  • Advocacy based counseling and case management will be provided to women and children in the safe house.
  • Provide more space for vocational training, counseling and administration.
  • Replace the existing rented facility.
  • House 20-25 women and 20-25 children.
  • Be designed for future expansion to double its capacity.
  • Rescue more women and children.
  • Respond to local government authorities requests for victims’ protection.
  • Give enough time for the survivors to heal, learn vocational and life skills so they can be independent.

What We Need to Build This Safe Home

  • Our goal is to raise $463,000 to build the new permanent safe house and completely equip the house. About $375,000 of this will build the structure. $88,000 will help to equip/furnish the house with beds, computers, job training equipment, washers and driers, and everything the kids and women need to live the new lives you’ll be making possible.
  • The Women’s Protection Center already owns the land for the new permanent safe house. See the land and learn more about the new construction project.

Several Ways to Help Us Build the New Hetauda House

  • Donate: A one-time gift or a  monthly donation of any amount will help (When you click “Donate,” you will be taken off this site to the giving page on the Hetauda House website)
  • Become a Premium Donor: For a donation of $1,200 to $2,999, A copper plate will be mounted in the main lobby displaying your name or the name of your loved one. You will be always remembered and appreciated.
  • Adopt a Common Area: For a donation of $3,000 to $4,999, you can adopt space in the common area of our building. Your picture and name will decorate the wall of the common area. You will be updated about the usage of  the space.
  • Adopt a Room: For a donation of $5000 or more, you can adopt a room in the new safe house. In recognition, your picture and name will be displayed in the room. You will be updated about your room and the survivors who will be living in your room.
  • Pray: Please pray for Nepal, Women’s Protection Center, survivors, women, children and the provisioning for the safe house, donors, contributors and well-wishers.