10 Causes of Poverty in Nepal

These Poverty-Drivers Fuel the Supply of Human Trafficking Victims in Nepal Poverty is the primary root cause of human trafficking in Nepal. But what are the causes of poverty? If solutions to address the causes of poverty were implemented, it would eventually reduce the supply of people vulnerable to the lies and deceptive promises of

The Oft-Dismissed and Overlooked (but Completely Obvious) Way to Help End Sex Trafficking

Research Reveals: The Root Cause of Sex Trafficking is PornographyWarning: Some content and links on this page lead to graphic descriptions and language.Your blood would curdle if you saw some of the keywords people have typed in search engines that brought them to our own site (before we blocked them). This happens because part of

Pramila’s Story

Pamila’s dressmaking shop is well cared-for and inviting: lively, bright fabrics and sample dress designs catch the eye and welcome customers into the small space, formerly a family living room. The store is separated from the back of the house by a large curtain, behind which is hidden is a humble bedroom sparsely furnished with

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