10 a MonthYour gift of $10 (or more) a month as a Monthly Supporter, could be used to support 10 different programs designed to benefit women and children at the Safe Home operated by Women’s Protection Center in Nepal. $10 a month is the cost of two espresso stand coffees or the price of one movie ticket. For the same amount…

YOU can make a big difference through supporting the women and children in the WPC Safe Home by providing:

  1. Education and scholarships for the children and the survivors.
  2. School supplies – school bags, books, notebooks, pens, pencils etc.
  3. Foods and clothes for women and children at the WPC Safe House
  4. Sewing and beading supplies to support  vocational training
  5. Employment services to help find safe jobs for the survivors
  6. Medical care for the women and children at the WPC Safe House
  7. Rehabilitation, counseling and case management
  8. Awareness program against Human Trafficking
  9. Rescue operations and reintegration
  10. Safe house for long term housing for the survivors

$10 per month from 1000 people will expand programs and give hope to many more survivors and at risk children.

Help us spread the word and reach our goal.

You can Donate Online or send your gift by check to us. Make your check payable to Friends of WPC Nepal and mail it to PO Box 85412, Seattle, WA 98145.